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Trade Credit Insurance
/A-R Insurance

Trade credit insurance covers your receivables due within 12 months against unexpected commercial and political risks (customer bankruptcy, changes to import and export regulations, etc.) so that your cash flow is safeguarded and you avoid bad debt.

If your customers become insolvent or fall into protracted default, you are indemnified for the value of goods or services you have delivered.

How Does Trade
Credit Insurance work?

Customer credit checks.

We analyse the creditworthiness and financial stability of your customers.

Credit limit calculation.
Each of your customer has a limit – the maximum amount we will indemnify if that customer fails to pay.
Business and trade as usual.
You trade with your existing customers as you wish, with the risk covered up to the limit.
Trading limit updates.
We keep you informed of adjustments to credit limits as they may be raised or reduced when economic conditions change.
New customers.
You check the creditworthiness of potential new customers. We confirm agreement or explain if your request is declined.
Making a claim.

If a customer fails to pay, then you give us full information. We investigate and indemnify you for the insured amount if policy terms have been met.

Top 8 reasons to use trade credit insurance

Protection: protect your outstanding invoices and get your money lost through bad debt replaced quickly.
Profitability: improve profitability by safely increasing your exposure to more customers.
Information: benefit from regular updates on the financial health of your customers and prospects.
Credit control: enhance your existing credit control procedures and manage customer payments more confidently.
Competitiveness: remain competitive by offering open credit terms when your competitors can't.
Growth: facilitate your expansion by dealing confidently with new clients and increasing credit lines to existing ones.
Funding: reassure your financial partners to facilitate access to funding.
Peace of mind: optimize the recovery rate of your unpaid invoices and release yourself from the collection of your invoices