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Worker's Comp & Payroll Team

Oscar García Worker's Comp & Payroll Director

Business administrator with experience and work history in the financial system. As a member of the 365 Multiservices Customer Service team, you like to listen to the customer, provide support, advice and be able to resolve your requests and complaints in a satisfactory manner and in the shortest possible time. He loves to enjoy as much time as possible with his family. He likes soccer, swimming and movies.

Fray García Customer Service Specialist

She is Fray García, she is Colombian, business administrator, with experience as an administrator, in sales and customer service, she is part of the 365 team as an expert in workers compensation. She likes to meet the high expectations that our clients have regarding our services and to be able to help them, she is a patient, persevering, responsible person and eager to learn every day and overcome new challenges, and he loves swimming, singing, watch movies and travel.

Alfredo Valencia Account Executive

Worker's Comp insurance expert. As a worker's comp insurance enforcement expert, I have extensive experience helping businesses comply with legal requirements and protect their workers. My knowledge of workers' compensation insurance laws and regulations allows me to advise employers on how to reduce the risk of workplace injury and minimize the financial impact in the event of a claim.

Valeria Muñoz Workers Comp Assistant Manager
She is Peruvian and an artist in training with five years of customer service experience and sales. She has worked for several companies with different approaches, guiding clients to their best possible experience. Furthermore, she enjoys spending time with nature, listening to music, reading, writing, walking, and creating things through art. She is passionate about service and persevering with her dreams.
Sandra Vargas Workers Comp Account Executive

Hi, I'm Sandra and I specialize in the application of workers' compensation insurance. As an expert in this field, I have gained extensive knowledge of applicable workers' compensation laws and regulations, which allows me to help companies protect their employees in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses.